Real Estate Investing

At OpenPath Investments, we provide socially responsible investment opportunities in the residential real estate industry. The core to our success is our Urban Village program, a holistic approach to property management that encourages residents to function as a traditional community. By creating this community, the Urban Village program improves our residents’ quality of life and ultimately makes a broader impact on the community's local region. A secondary part of the Urban Village program incorporates a number of sustainable practices into our communities.

This reimagined approach to multifamily investing ensures not only a socially and environmentally responsible investment, but also a more impactful investment. It’s the triple bottom line.


What Our Residents Think

As part of our Urban Village program, we focus on creating communities through resident feedback loops and structured events. What matters most are our residents. Read their testimonials to learn what our urban village dwellers have to say.


Invest With Us

At OpenPath Investments, we create robust returns by transforming apartment complexes into healthy and thriving communities.

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