Urban Village Testimonials

Blake C.

“It’s so great what’s happening here. I’ll live here as long as I live in Utah.”

Cali L.

“The sky’s the limit with what we can do here.”

Marc B.

“This is so out of the ordinary, you’re breaking new ground here.”

Brad L.

“Why hasn’t anyone done this before?”

Tonia K.

“I’ve never had any experience like this. This is awesome. You guys are awesome”

Darla P.

“You set an example of all that I hope to be in my community, my city and my world.”

Sylvia M.

“There is a sense of community because even though I don’t know who everybody is, if I see anybody walking they always stop to ask me how I’m doing.”

Richard M.

“It changes the whole atmosphere when you have people who are friendly and they put themselves forward to make friends with other people.”

Spencer R.

“What if everybody was getting together and working together like this? It would not just change the complex, it would change the whole community.”