OpenPath Investments Launches Into the Real Estate and Investment Industry With Above Average ROI and Socially Responsible Investing

OpenPath Investments is an apartment acquisition real estate company, investing in the social, capital and economic outlook of residents through its unique impact program, Urban Village, which includes active participation of residents together with management, ensuring a proven long term income stream with a lower resident turnover.

Traditional asset class serving millions of people, can be the best venue for true impact investing. “We’ve merged our expertise as real estate investment managers with our passion for the individuals and families who make our properties their homes,” said Peter Slaugh, General Partner. “Through impact investing, we are reaping the benefits of economic returns as well as social and environmental returns.”

Since 2002, the company has acquired more than 15 apartment complexes and has created positive outcomes for residents and surrounding communities, in addition to its investor communities. “As a triple bottom line company, we incorporate a number of sustainable practices into each property and into the daily lives of residents,” states Sara Mossman, Urban Village Program Director. “The Urban Village has strengthened the social safety net for our residents, established a higher standard of living, provided easier access to education, mentorship and career-oriented leadership opportunities.”

Over the next six months, OpenPath is considering three-to-five acquisitions in the value range of $45-$100 million and targets 14-16% returns for its investors, but has historically provided an IRR closer to 17-20%.

The three year strategy is to continue to generate above-market investment returns alongside measurable social and environmental impact. OpenPath Investments will achieve its goals by investing an additional $100 million (with a leveraged asset value of $400m) in large metro areas throughout the western U.S, scaling its vision to include several new multi-dwelling communities.